MBPC_BWA president of the United States, Canada's most noted author on fishing northern waters, two Justices of the US Supreme Court, an important Canadian historian known as the authority of Canadian-American relations, a Montreal philanthropist, motivated by the death of his daughter due to childhood leukemia, to finance research which led to a cure, a Scottish minister with sailing in his blood — all called the Murray Bay Protestant Church their summer place of worship.

Rose Tiffany summered frequently in Murray Bay — note the stained glass windows crafted by that pre-eminent firm at the back of the church and shown at right. They were given in memory of Beach Jones.

Noted architect Phelps Stokes also summered at Murray Bay and he married Edith Minturn. Edith was a descendent of Susannah Shaw Minturn whose home was next to the church and who was the first American woman to settle in Murray Bay, whose home was next to the church, also summered at Murray Bay. Stokes contributed the drawings for cladding the wooden church in stone in 1909.

Since the church's founding in 1867, our pews have been filled with people with fascinating stories to tell.

We welcome you to the Murray Bay Protestant Church and invite you to learn a little about its history by reading further in this section. When visiting the church, you will see the plaques described and also display tables containing our family photos, a few from over 100 years ago, of our early members who contributed so much to the church and community. Whether it was raising money to re-furbish this beloved place or raising flowers to put on its altar, these very fine people will forever be a part of us.

History CornerIn the spring of 2012, when construction necessitated taking down older displays, our History Committee, with the approval of the Trustees, decided to learn more. We began with research on the people named on the plaques adorning the church walls. We started with our larger plaques, and now we are researching the ones at the back of the church.

The links below will take you to some of the results of this research:

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